something about us

Image by Frederator Blogs

We are a small team of individuals who live in London and absolutely love to socialize. In doing so, we refuse to allow stress, city chaos, tragic stories, weight gain or any signs of aging slow us down. We know that most people feel the same way we do, so we’ve just decided to actually do something about it. Everyday we get together and simply plan our social diaries a few months in advance and follow through accordingly. Taking this step further, we decided to print our diaries in colorful, artsy parcels using vivid photography so that at any point in time, we are constantly reminded to have fun each passing day and be grateful for the wonderful gift of life.

If you secretly love our plan and care to join us, you can subscribe or become a member.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you never stop seeking thrills.

Keep Smiling

ThrillCity Team

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